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Jarl Ludvig Ernberg 1863-1947

The Ernberg-Ehrenberg Family Association was established 1925 and its first chairman was Jarl Ernberg, Member of the Supreme Court, who's portrait is shown to the left.

"United we are strong, will overcome obstacles and achieve our goals"

The above "proverb", coined by "Uncle" Gustaf at the time of the inauguration of the Carlscrona-Wexjö Railway 1874, could perhaps be taken as a maxim for the Association. Thanks to his invincible energy and to a significant personal financial contribution, "Uncle" Gustaf managed to get the railroad built, and in the summer 1874 it was inaugurated by King Oscar II.


That unity creates strenth (or at least happiness), is here demonstrade by Gustaf's brother Ludwig's great grandson, Professor Ingemar Ernberg, who take the opportunity to hug his second (danish) cousin Lotte Jarnov during the family Assciation reunion in Copenhagen 2005.

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Ehrenbergsruin in Austria (which probably has nothing to do with our family)

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The origin of the family name has been traced back to "bälgmakare" Ingemar Pährson/Ehrenberg, Karlskrona, who's daughter, Gustafva Ehrenberg, married Johan Peterson. However, the names Ernberg and Ehrenberg appear also in many other places in Sweden and Finland, as well as in, for example, Austria and Switzerland and there are different interpretations of the origin of the name (see Family History in left margin). Help us to trace the family tree further back in history and forward by adding to and updating to the genealogy