Before Karlskrona: The Roots (excerpts from the Family Book)

  Gumme Nilsson,1732-1803 married to Maja Larsdotter 1727-1809 from Ugnanäs Germundsgård had among others a son called Petter Gummesson, 1752-1797, who in 1792 married Ingrid Pehrsdotter from Hässle gård in Hovmanstorps parish.


Their son Johan Peterson (1784-31/1 1860) married in 1812 with the the "virtuous maiden" Gustafva Ehrenberg (1785- 2/1 1865), daugter of the carpenter Ingemar Ehrenberg (13/2 1748-28/9 1844) from Ehrenhult in Kånna parish in Sunnerbo hundred, or Ernhyltan at the lake Tjorken in Ryssby parish, Sunnerbo hundred. Ingemar later lived at Lilla Björkholmen in Karlskrona but resided 1778-1812 at Hantverkargatan 52 in the same city.



Around 1800 Johan moved to Karskrona. He received his master diploma 1812 and then moved to the Widinghof Farm where he lived with his family to 1815 with his workshop in Västervik. The family moved to Karlskrona 1815, where Johan started to work as furrier.



Ingemar Persson:                  Ehrenhult in Kånna or Ernhyltan in Ryssby

                                            Lilla Björkholmen in Karlskrona

                                            Hantverkargatan 52 in Karlskrona (now a sports hall).

Johan Peterson and family:    Widingshofska gården (the Widinghof Farm), Västra kvarteret 19, Västervik perioden 1812-1815 (demolished 1949).

                                             Borgmästarbron 12 in Karlskrona, 4 rooms and kitchen, 1836-about 1865

  Borgmästarbron 12 is now called Borgmästarkajen 12 and is owned by the family Wangvik. Read more about this here (in swedish only).

The premises were for some time public, Borgmästarbro Custom House until 1718. The house is still there.  


Johan and Gustafva are buried at the Wämökyrkogården (city of Karlskrona's cemetery). More  


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The following cronicle from the Family Association reunion in 1960 tells a lot about our ancestors.

(freely translated from original in Swedish - mel. Fredmans song 64 - Fjäril vingad syns på Haga - by C.M Bellman)  

Family's cradle was in "Bleakinge",
When the 19th century still was young,
Gustafva was not a weakling
Eleven children - around her often hung!

Five sons ran prosperous business
trading goods, some based on iron.
Family history us teaches
how the "Ehren-" also became "Ern-".

Knut was very academic
Senior Master - son Professor
Ludvig, studied law was polemic
He became some sort of assessor.

Many cousins in a flurry
in the city roamed all around
Most of them were in a hurry
to get out of the Carlscrona town.

Harald, charged with Crown Prince’s health care,
Gustaf, traded, Victor grew trees
Jarl and Ivar judged from high chairs
Lennart chief physician at Falu hospital.
Students at uni-ver-sity
Otto taught ex-em-plari-ly
Hjalmar left for US city
Albert, Axel – what a family!  

We, who from Gustafva’s arteries
have in-heri-ted  a small drop,
we will add to the celebreties
laps of honor will then never stop.

Though spread all over the earth’s face
Under many other fine names
let’s now all each other embrace
on this family reunion, and play games.