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which, through marriages, have been linked to a number of other families listed here

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rosenbad 1925

The above picture is from the first reunion of the Association in Rosenbad 1925   - more   

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2013 it is 75 years since Dr. Harald Ernberg accompanied the Crown Prince to USA to commemorate the 300 anniversary of the establishment of the Swedish Colony - New Sweden. Read in his travel report about his meetings with President Roosevelt, New York's mayor, La Guaardia and other historical personalities

harald sr



The origin of the family name has been traced back to bellows maker Ingemar Pährson/Ehrenberg, Karlskrona, who's daughter, Gustafva Ehrenberg, married Johan Peterson 1812. However, the names Ernberg and Ehrenberg appear also in many other places in Sweden and other countries. To find out more about our ancestors, click on Family History.

Click here to contact The Association's Chairman, Jan Ernberg for further information about the Association.

China rewards Professor Ingemar Ernberg's collaboration with their highest distiction for foreign scientists : National Friendship Award


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